Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Epiphany on the Epiphany

Today in his homily, our pastor was talking about how we are in a new year and we have to enter into it with new enthusiasm and energy, but sometimes we keep going and going and we run out of gas. In those times we have to keep praying even though we want to call it quits and throw in the towel.  Then he started singing a song from camp, "Give gas in my Ford, keep me trucking, trucking, trucking. Give me gas in my Ford I pray...." The song went on to relate to trucking along for God.

My mind however made a whole other connection.  Back in high school, I had a friend(s) who weren't exactly big Ford fans. (Disclaimer: For those of you who are big fans of Ford vehicles I am neither saying I am or am not against Ford here.  Simply using this for reflectional purposes.) They said that Ford actually stood for Fix On Road Daily.  Here's were my epiphany comes in.  In that moment of Father singing about giving gas in my Ford,  I pictured a truck on the side of the road in need of gas. Just like the Ford we all need fixed on the road on a daily basis by God, so in the car brands of life, we're all sort of Fords.

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B B papa wants to know if you know Wyatt Davis?