Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Epiphany on the Epiphany

Today in his homily, our pastor was talking about how we are in a new year and we have to enter into it with new enthusiasm and energy, but sometimes we keep going and going and we run out of gas. In those times we have to keep praying even though we want to call it quits and throw in the towel.  Then he started singing a song from camp, "Give gas in my Ford, keep me trucking, trucking, trucking. Give me gas in my Ford I pray...." The song went on to relate to trucking along for God.

My mind however made a whole other connection.  Back in high school, I had a friend(s) who weren't exactly big Ford fans. (Disclaimer: For those of you who are big fans of Ford vehicles I am neither saying I am or am not against Ford here.  Simply using this for reflectional purposes.) They said that Ford actually stood for Fix On Road Daily.  Here's were my epiphany comes in.  In that moment of Father singing about giving gas in my Ford,  I pictured a truck on the side of the road in need of gas. Just like the Ford we all need fixed on the road on a daily basis by God, so in the car brands of life, we're all sort of Fords.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

What I've Learned in the Last Few Days

1. Polyester melts.
2. Duct Tape doesn't actually fix everything.
3. Chaperoning 1st grade girls on a field trip to go Christmas caroling and then eat at McDonald's is tiring, but well worth it when they spontaneously lead the whole bus of 1st - 8th grade students in Christmas Carols.
4. Chocolate chips don't always melt like they should.
5. I prefer eating oatmeal raisin cookies to baking them. (Thank goodness Sister is very understanding and she said just try again after the first batch flopped.)
6. Don't forget you're shoes outside because that will be the one day it actually rains. 

I think that's everything.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Convent Skills

Turns out the Movie Moments may not happen every week because my life just doesn't produce that many movie worthy moments.  If I really sat and thought about it, I could probably actually come up with one, but I don't have that time and I haven't watched that many movies.

Instead I'm working on developing other skills here in the convent, like getting up, getting ready and being in church in less than 10 minutes. Thank goodness for Guardian Angels.  (I'm pretty sure mine works overtime all the time.) Sunday I had my alarm set for 5:50.  It went off and I shut it off.  6:26 I rolled over and realized I had 4 minutes until Mass started.  I was up and out the door by 6:31 and made it into the church by the time Father was starting the Kyrie Leison.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Movie Moment

This week's movie moment once again brought to you by my gardening chore.

We have this huge viney plant that has grown over the wall from the lady's yard who lives behind us and it was decided it needed to go because it chokes out other stuff on our trellis and it cracks to wall. So today, since I had some time in the morning to work on it I went out to attack the vine and take back the wall. When I came in to wash up before going to help the kids with lunch, my dear companion took a look at my face and started laughing. "Your face is so dirty! You look like one of those people from the Industrial Revolution or a chimney sweep."  So there you have it. The movie moment of the week is the chimney sweeps from Mary Poppins.

I looked in the mirror and I promise I did not look that dirty, but hey it was her interpretation. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Movie Moment

This morning during Mass the Windex commercial got real.  A bird had flown into the church and was unsuccessfully trying to get out.  Just as Father was starting the Eucharistic Prayer, the bird flew right into one of the windows and fell down to the ground.  Father looked over and just kept on going, but two of the parishioners got up to check it out and the bird got up and flew away from them.

Sidenote: Due to the bird, we also had a cat in church this morning.  (The priest have a cat, Dora, for mouse catching purposes.)  It saw the bird go in the church and wanted to catch it.  People were not a fan though so I got to catch Dora and take her back outside.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Movie Moments

Inspired by my current living situation, I've decided to have a new series of posts.  I'm going to try to keep them weekly, but with my schedule and the way convent life seems to go, there may be a few weeks that get missed.  Also, it's going to depend on inspiration.  Hopefully I'll get a little Divine Inspiration to help me out.

So I give you Movie Moments. We'll count my last post as the first one of the series since it referenced movie/TV characters that my life was reflecting in the moment.  The second movie moment is Weezer from Steel Magnolias.

I am not an old southern woman, but my current chore for the month is taking care of the gardens around our house and the other day during lunch assistance in order to provide myself with a little shade I borrowed a large, funny hat from the gardening supply/tool closet. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

What I Learned Today

Apparently getting ready to move across the country turns my life into a movie and a sitcom. This morning I went to finish up some packing and turned on the radio in my room, California Gurls by Katy Perry was playing and it was immediately followed up by a Billy Joel song that started out talking about some guy who moved to the west coast south of LA.  I felt like the character in the movies who turns on the radio and every song is something about what's happening in said character's life.  Later today, one of my companions and I were cleaning and she was like "Wow I'm impressed Relish." (I was questioning if she thought I don't normally do a thorough job." Then I realized that I was cleaning extra vigorously as a coping mechanism and 20 seconds later realized at one point I had been told that my mom does something similar. After declaring, "I'm turning into my mom. We clean to cope and like teaching junior high kids," My mind immediately jumped to the Reba episode where Van and Cheyenne decide eventually you turn into your parents.  Stay tuned to see if any more of this moving adventure turns my life into a TV production.